Mailboxes for apartment buildings (YP) 

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    Mailbox YP-04 is designed for 4 apartments. Dimensions: 455x480x170. Weight: 9.3 kg

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    YP-05 mailbox is designed for 5 apartments. Dimensions: 455x580x170. Weight: 11 kg

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    Mailbox YP-06 is designed for 6 apartments. Dimensions: 455x680x170. Weight: 14.3 kg

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    Mailbox YP-08 is designed for 8 apartments. Dimensions: 455x880x170. Weight: 24 kg

Multi-section mailboxes YP

The YP mailbox has the shape of a vertical rectangle with a black body and a gray front panel that closes to the common lock and is opened by a postman with a master key to enclose correspondence. The front panel has a door with a lock to each section / apartment. Number of sections in one box: 4, 5, 6, 8. The A4 format without folding is placed in one section. The standard box complete set is made without a back wall which can be ordered additionally if desired.

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Mailbox sizes YP:

Model Dimensions (mm)
Volume (m3)
Weight (kg)
YP-04 455×480×170 0,046 9,3 for 4 apartments
YP-05 455×580×170 0,050 11 for 5 apartments
YP-06 455×680×170 0,070 14,3 for 6 apartments
YP-08 455×880×170 0,090 24 for 8 apartments