Mailboxes in the entrance of apartment buildings (YP-M) 

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Boxes mail multi-section YP-M (Slotted)

The YP-M mailbox is in the form of a vertical rectangle with a black body and gray doors or a gray body and gray doors. The correspondence is put through the slots (openings) in the front panel of the box. Removal of correspondence is carried out by means of an individual key to each section of the box. One section fits the A4 format without bending. This box is made on 5, 6, 8, 10 apartments. The standard box complete set is made with place under numbers or surname and without back wall, which can be ordered additionally if desired. This is the most popular model among our customers.

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Dimensions of YP-M mailboxes:

Model Dimensions (mm)
Volume (m3)
Weight (kg)
YP-04M 455×480×170 0,043 5,5 for 4 apartments
YP-05M 390×650×200 0,050 7,5 for 5 apartments
YP-06M 390×750×200 0,059 8,5 for 6 apartments
YP-07M 390x850x200 0,067 8,6 for 7 apartments
YP-08M 390×950×200 0,074 11 for 8 apartments
YP-09M 390×1050×200 0,082 10,4 for 9 apartments
YP-10M 390×1150×200 0,090 12,86 for 10 apartments

Video mailbox survey of porches YP-M: