Mailboxes multi-section YP-G 

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Multi-section mailboxes YP-G

The YP-G mailbox is shaped like a horizontal rectangle with a black body and gray doors to each section. The doors are positioned vertically and are locked with a key. Above is a black cover with a lock, which is opened by a postman with a master key for attachment of correspondence. This box is made on 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 apartments. The standard box complete set is made with a back wall. This model corresponds to the European design of mailboxes.

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Dimensions of YP-G mailboxes

Model Dimensions(mm)
Volume (m3)
Weight (kg)
YP-04G 390×460×130 0,025 5,48 for 4 apartments
YP-05G 390×450×130 0,030 6,5 for 5 apartments
YP-06G 390×660×130 0,036 7,54 for 6 apartments
YP-08G 390×860×130 0,043 9,67 for 7 apartments
YP-10G 390×1060×130 0,058 11,85 for 10 apartments