Mailboxes multi (YP-A) 

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    Mailbox YP-05A is designed for 5 apartments. Dimensions: 390x640x140. Weight: 9.525 kg

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    Mailbox YP-06A is designed for 6 apartments. Dimensions: 390x740x140. Weight: 11.205 kg

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    Mailbox YP-08A is designed for 8 apartments. Dimensions: 390x940x140. Weight: 14.595 kg

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    Mailbox YP-10A is designed for 10 apartments. Dimensions: 390x1140x140. Weight: 17.77 kg

Slotted multifamily YP-A mailboxes

The YP-A mailbox is shaped like a horizontal rectangle with a beige body and light beige doors. At the top of the box are slots (holes) for inserting correspondence. On the front panel are vertical locking doors to each section, which accommodates A4 format without bending. This box is made on 5, 6, 8, 10 apartments and has a back wall as standard. This model corresponds to the original European design.

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Mailbox sizes YP-A:

Model Dimensions (mm)
Volume (m3)
Weight (kg)
YP-05A 390×640×140 0,035 9,525 for 5 apartments
YP-06A 390×740×140 0,040 11,205 for 6 apartments
YP-08A 390×940×140 0,051 14,595 for 8 apartments
YP-10A 390×1140×140 0,062 17,77 for 10 apartments