Mailboxes with sections premium (YP-K) 

The list of products:4pcs.

Multi-section mailboxes with YP-K valve

The YP-K mailbox is shaped like a vertical rectangle with a beige body and light beige doors on the front. On each door there is a lock and slots (openings) with a beige valve, for inserting correspondence up to A4 size. The standard box comes with a place under the number or surname and without a back wall, which can be ordered additionally. This box has models for 5, 6, 8, 10 apartments. This is a premium box, one of the best in Ukraine's mailbox market.

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The sizes of mailboxes of multi-apartment YP-K:

Model Dimensions (mm)
Volume (m3)
Weight (kg)
YP-05K 430×540×250 0,058 10 for 5 apartments
YP-06K 430×640×250 0,069 14 for 6 apartments
YP-08K 430×840×250 0,090 15 for 8 apartments
YP-10K 430×1040×250 0,112 18 for 10 apartments

Video review of the mailbox of the apartment building YP-K: