Collector cabinets 

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Creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in an apartment or house is often associated with the arrangement of a warm floor. Often it is used as an alternative heating system and in any case significantly improves the energy efficiency of the room.

The most popular and economically advantageous heating technology is considered to be the installation of underfloor heating based on central or autonomous heating systems. Unlike electrical counterparts, such alternative heating systems are characterized by the presence of a sufficiently prominent and large collector group, which can somewhat spoil the impression of a room decoration. Optimal in terms of reasonable cost and aesthetics is the use of a compact and practical collector cabinet, which you can order at affordable prices in our company Galindustriya.

Designs of this type are characterized by a laconic design, optimized dimensions, sufficient internal volume to accommodate not only the collector group, but also additional devices to adjust the parameters of the heating system. In addition, they are almost invisible in the interior and easy to use.

The main purpose of the collector cabinet is to place the apparatus for connecting the floor heating system and to provide additional protection for the collector group. Classic cabinets for the collector of warm flooring consist of a durable and resistant to temperature and mechanical impact of the body of sheet painted in universal white color of steel, the system of brackets and the front panel - doors.

Advantages of using a collector cabinet:

  • Comfort of access to systems of regulation of parameters of heating;
  • Additional protection of nodal connections from external factors of influence;
  • Security for residents of the home or apartment;
  • Easy installation;
  • Aesthetics.

The price of a collector cabinet for a warm floor depends on its size, configuration and type of mounting. You can contact us not only regarding the ordering of finished products or their manufacture according to individual requirements, but also about any questions regarding the peculiarities of their use.