We invite dealers to cooperate

Since 2003, Galindustriya has been manufacturing metal products for household and commercial use, periodically launching new products according to market needs.

Production and warehouses are located in Lviv

Our priority products are:

  • Metallic mailboxes;
  • Metal cabinets for clothing and storage;
  • Metal cabinets for collectors;
  • Weathervane and other metal ornaments for home and garden;
  • You can view all other products in the Products section Product

Collaborating with us will give you the following benefits:

  • We have the lowest prices on the market, which is especially relevant for Ukraine and, accordingly, such goods in our country are in great demand (and the quality of goods is at a rather high level);
  • All priority goods are available in warehouses, allowing you to make an almost instant delivery;
  • If there is a need for additional production of goods from the catalog, then we always adhere to the agreed terms of production, which is a very important factor for business;
  • Delivery of goods takes place all over Ukraine by the most popular delivery services, and delivery takes place the next day after payment or other arrangements;
  • All priority goods have great quality photos, which allows to evaluate the goods without visiting the exhibition hall in Lviv.

If you are ready to sell products from our catalog, please contact us by phone: (032) 242-45-22