Galindustriya - mailboxes and other metal products. Cabinets and benches for wardrobe.

Our company «Galindustriya» has been working in the field of metal working since 2003. During this time we have become a leader trusted by professionals - utility companies, construction and commercial organizations. Among our clients there are also private customers who have appreciated the quality of our products, high standards of service and an undeniable willingness to make a variety of design ideas a reality.


One of the advantages of our company is its fully automated production. Each stage of metalworking is supervised by experienced professionals who have devoted many years to the study and improvement of technology and truly guarantee the accuracy of the work and the conformity of products to modern quality standards.

The use of laser cutting equipment allows us to minimize losses in the process of cutting metal, making the price of our products affordable and considered the most democratic in today's market. The blanks undergo all stages of purification, are treated with anti-corrosion agents and are covered with powder paints resistant to mechanical, temperature and climate in electrostatic spraying technology on their own paint line. Compliance with all standards of metalwork does not practically limit the scope of their application - our products are distinguished by long life and can be used both indoors and in open space.

The main production material is high quality cold rolled steel from the best manufacturers, the thickness of the sheet is selected in accordance with the scope of the product and the individual requirements for its quality and durability.


As one of the key players in the relevant market segment, not only in Lviv and the region, but in the whole Ukraine, we bring to your attention the most complete range. In each category models are presented in a wide price range - you can buy our goods in bulk, which is important for various enterprises and organizations, as well as retail for pleasure of local economic needs.

Here you will find:

  • Metal shelves – easy to use anti-vandal furniture for organized storage of goods, things and documents, including collapsible metal shelves;
  • Metal cabinets - compact and practical models that can be used for storing changeable clothing in dressing rooms and changing rooms, as well as for equipping warehouses;
  • Multi-section mailboxes for apartment buildings; Individual metal mailboxes in original design for private homes;
  • Post locks for completing the boxes;
  • Inspection doors with locks or latches to facilitate access to engineering highways;
  • Metal first aid kits;
  • Decorations for a roof, a facade, personal plots;
  • Benches for dressing rooms;
  • Accessories.

In addition to metal products by standard patterns, we also offer custom design services - you can order non-standard configuration models in the original design from us.

We are convinced that honesty and transparency are the key to lasting and fruitful relationships with each customer and dealer. Many years of experience and striving to become «№1» help us create excellent quality products at an affordable price.