Lockers for lockers metal one-level (SOM-1) 

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Lockers metal for clothes

Dressing rooms are very popular in the equipment of trade and industrial enterprises, sports and wellness centers, as well as educational institutions. The optimal size and internal configuration make it possible to consider the products of our company Galindustriya to be almost universal - it can be used to store workwear of employees and personal belongings of visitors.

We offer a wide range of standard locker cabinet models, as well as almost unlimited custom design and manufacturing capabilities, so you can comfortably and efficiently handle rooms of non-standard type.

Modern dressing rooms and dressing rooms must be comfortable and functional. In the process of manufacturing metal furniture, we are guided by these principles, as well as solid experience in the field. The combination of advanced technology, the use of high quality raw materials and ergonomics in designing allows us to offer you cheap and practical models for every taste and budget.

All our products in this category meet the quality standards. Among its key benefits are:

Reliability and durability - our products are resistant to high humidity, mechanical damage and temperature fluctuations due to anti-corrosion treatment and protective dyeing with high quality and effective powder paints;
Optimal configuration - each metal wardrobe is equipped with shelves for storing hats and shoes (optional), hooks for hanging work or change clothes;
Security - cabinets are equipped with individual rotary locks;
Modularity - our products can be combined;
Wide choice of models with 1, 2 or 4 cameras;
Much less than wood and particleboard weight.
In our assortment a wide variety of folding cabinets are presented - easy to transport models, which are also characterized by simplicity of design. Most of our clients choose them when placing orders for a large number of locker room and dressing room furniture.

It is very easy to choose and buy practical metal furniture in our company - you can familiarize yourself with the typical models presented on our site or consult with our specialists, as well as place an order for the production of cabinets of the required size, configuration or in an individual design.

Video instruction for assembling a metal cabinet for clothes with a SOM-1 partition: