Galindustriya Ltd. - About us: production of metal products and wholesale. Low prices.

When it comes to high-quality metal equipment, we are proud to say that our company Galindustriya practices an innovative approach to the implementation of projects regardless of complexity, the process of quality control is fully up-to-date standards, and customer-oriented guarantees the ability to implement projects of any volume.

Production of cold-rolled sheet products of the best brands is our main specialization. The production facilities are equipped with modern equipment for laser cutting and bending of metal, and in the process of using the latest technologies - these two factors allow us to maintain a consistently high rate of order fulfillment and to guarantee the compliance of each product with sanitary and hygienic standards.

Our production facilities are localized in Lviv, however, due to the developed logistic infrastructure and streamlined processes of transportation of products, we work all over Ukraine, offering to each client reasonable prices for our goods at wholesale and retail purchase.

In fact, the design and design bureau allows you to produce not only typical models, but also the original products according to individual drawings, most of which are rightly considered unique.

Here you can buy or order in your own design for personal and public use products of the following types:

  • Equipment for warehouses, archives - metal shelves (monolithic and collapsible), collector cabinets;
  • Cloakroom and dressing room furniture - wardrobes, lockers, benches;
  • Equipment for optimization of operation and repair of engineering systems - audit doors, alarm boxes, counters and automatic machines, as well as metal first aid kits;
  • Mailboxes - individual, for apartment buildings, as well as locks for their complete set;
  • Roof decor - wind direction indicators, weather vane;
  • Decorations for the facade - signs with street names, house numbers, thermometers, signs; Interior decor - wallets, hooks;
  • Ornaments for the garden - brackets for lanterns, flowers, etc.

Every customer is important to us, which is why we have formed a flexible pricing system - you can easily find everything you need in our range on any budget.

We develop with you - we study the needs of our customers, prevent their wishes and offer really useful and functional products. Galindustriya employees are professionals with many years of experience, who take work processes from a creative point of view, constantly improve themselves and improve our products.

Despite significant competition in such a market segment as the manufacture of sheet metal products, we have been able to become a reliable partner for many businesses thanks to our honesty in our business relationships. Our suppliers include leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, of which we are absolutely confident in the quality of raw materials and components.

We work to get you surrounded by beautiful and practical things - at home, at work, anywhere.