Metal laser cutting (Lviv)

Metal laser cutting
Metal laser cutting
Laser cutting of sheet metal
Laser cutting of sheet metal
Laser cutting of sheet steel
Laser cutting of sheet steel
Artistic cutting of metal by laser
Artistic cutting of metal by laser
Services of laser cutting of metal
Services of laser cutting of metal
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Laser cutting of sheet metal

Laser cutting is by far the most advanced sheet metal cutting technology!

Focused laser radiation is able to transfer a large amount of energy into the local processing area and heat it to sufficiently high temperatures, allowing cutting with increased productivity and precision. The modern gantry complexes used in our equipment allow to completely remove restrictions from the geometry of the manufactured part, and the software allows to quickly reconfigure the machine for the next task.

The company carries out laser cutting of SHEET metal to order for companies and individuals.


The maximum sheet size for loading onto the table is 3 x 1.5 meters.

What is the price for laser cutting of metals:

The cost of cutting depends on the type of material, thickness and geometry of the parts..

To estimate the cost of cutting, use the formula:

Price = [L] * [price of 1 r.m.] + [N] * [0,1] * [price of 1 r.m.]

Where: L – total cut length (total length of part vectors); N – number of punctures (total number of contours of the part).

In any case, we make a cost estimate and inform the customer. For this we need drawings of parts in electronic DXF format.

Our price list with prices for laser cutting metals:

Initially, the price is selected from the price column "1-3 thousand". If the total amount exceeds the specified price range, the value should be listed at the price of the column in the range of which the calculated initial value is located. Thus, the larger the cutting order, the greater the discount.

We can carry out small orders for cutting, however, the minimum cost of such an order will be 1000 UAH excluding VAT.

What are the prices of laser cutting with large volumes of order:

The volume of ordersThe minimum price per linear meter
Small orders from 6,27 UAH/MP
Order from 10 000 UAH from 4,62 UAH/MP
Order from 20 000 UAH from 4,13 UAH/MP
Order from 30 000 UAH from 3,63 UAH/MP
Order from 50 000 UAH from 3,30 UAH/MP

What sheets of metals do we cut:

The power of the laser head can cut the following listing ferrous and non-ferrous metals, namely:

  • Black steel – up to 16 mm
  • Stainless steel – from 8 mm
  • Galvanized sheet – from 12 mm
  • Aluminum – from 5 mm
  • Duralumin (Dural) – from 5 mm
  • Brass – from 5 mm
  • Copper – from 5 mm
  • Bronze – from 5 mm

What types (complications) of cutting do we perform:

Our laser machines allow to cut elements of any complexity from sheet metal to 16 mm including to perform artistic and figured cutting (cutting of decorative elements)

What is our experience in the field of laser cutting of sheet metals:

  • We have been providing laser cutting services since 2013;
  • All orders were completed for more than 1 million running meters
  • We practice high-speed order execution from cost estimation to delivery;
  • In 2019, a new laser cutter complex was commissioned, the main advantages of which are speed and quality of cut.

What materials are available and can you provide your material:

You can find out if you currently have the right material in the right quantity by phone or by requesting through the site. Most often, we have black sheet metal up to 0.5 mm. You can provide your material for cutting if it meets our requirements (sheet metal, material, thickness).

How to order laser cutting:

  1. We agree on the possibility of cooperation by telephone with the Customer;
  2. The customer sends to our e-mail drawings in the CAD system: Compass, Coral, Autocad, any CAD system. The drawings should be 1 to 1 without any additional lines (without folding lines), maximum one control size can be set to verify scale;
  3. Based on the drawings, we calculate the total cost of laser cutting, taking into account the discount on the volume of the order;
  4. The customer makes the payment and we take the order into work
  5. We issue a ready order to the Client or send it to the specified address in Ukraine through favorable delivery services.

From which regions we most often accept orders:

  • Lviv and the region - we are in Lviv, so we have the largest number of customers from Lviv.
  • Western Ukraine - most often after Lviv orders come from the following regions: Volyn (including Lutsk), Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Transcarpathian (including Uzhgorod), Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne and Khmelnitsky. Recently, appeals from Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia regions are increasing.
  • Kiev - given the low price and high quality of cutting, Kiev is the third popular region in the frequency of laser cutting orders. From Kiev we mainly order cutting from our material, as it is not necessary to make two-way delivery.
  • All Ukraine - as a rule, the longer the customer is from Lviv, the less customers become our customers, but practice shows that in addition to distance, the important role is played by price, quality and speed of order fulfillment. So send the drawings, we will calculate the price and approximately estimate the cost of delivery, and you will evaluate the benefit.

How to deliver ready orders:

We offer three delivery options across Ukraine: New Mail, Bridge Express and private carriers for large volume orders. Shipping costs through private carriers can be 2 times cheaper than shipping via New Mail:

Briefly about our advantages in the field of laser cutting of sheet metals

monetization_on One of the lowest prices in Ukraine
network_check Very fast cutting speed and order execution overall
line_weight Cut a huge range of various ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metals up to 16 mm thick
nfc We cut elements of any complexity
local_offer We provide discounts for large orders
calendar_view_day We have our own stocks of various sheet metal
history We have been providing laser cutting services since 2013
exposure_plus_1 We have already completed orders for more than 1 million running meters
filter_2 We have 2 laser complexes, one of which is 2019
pin_drop We accept orders from Lviv (first of all) and from all over Ukraine

Our motto: Price and quality

We provide one of the lowest prices in the Ukrainian market, as we have many years of experience and well-established production system.

We provide the perfect cutting quality as we use one of the most modern and professional machine tools in the market for laser sheet metal processing.

Shipping options:
Recommended option: "New Mail" with the service of rimming
"Mist-Express" (it is possible to send by pallet price), "Delivery", "Sat", "Intime"
Shipment at own expense from a warehouse: Ukraine, g. Lviv, st. Zemelna, d. 22
Backway cargo
All products are packed in cardboard or corrugated board.

ATTENTION: Upon receipt of the goods, be sure to check the condition and completeness of the order in the presence of the carrier. After receiving the goods, claims for damage and incomplete order - NOT ACCEPTED.

Metal laser cutting
Metal laser cutting
Laser cutting of sheet metal
Laser cutting of sheet metal
Laser cutting of sheet steel
Laser cutting of sheet steel
Artistic cutting of metal by laser
Artistic cutting of metal by laser
Services of laser cutting of metal
Services of laser cutting of metal