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Mail locks
Mail locks
Mail locks
Mail locks
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Mail lock + key with plastic holder

Mail locks are designed to close mailboxes, furniture cabinets, first aid kits, pay phones.

The castle is postal - not worse than the door

Going for a long time, we ask our neighbors to avoid unwanted "guests" looking after the apartment, not always hoping for the door locks. What about postal locks? Correspondence is no less important to a person than any other aspect of one's personal life. Sometimes the easy accessibility of a mailbox can easily break your privacy. Any thief acts with locks (this category also includes a postal lock) on the principle of least resistance. The faster and easier the lock opens, the better for the thief, but the worse for the property owner.

Equipping a mailbox with a postage lock depends directly on its modification. The fact is that there are two types of mailboxes:

- For outdoor use (indoors, outdoors)

- For indoors use (inside buildings)

Each of the mailbox modifications requires a special mailbox lock. And today, not only street modifications of mailboxes but also internal mailboxes should be equipped with a reliable postal lock. Whatever the mailbox is made of - metal, wrought iron or aluminum - it needs, above all, a secure lock.

The lock is made of high quality material, usually additionally chromed (to avoid metal corrosion). This postage lock will feel great on the street and indoors, without being afraid to tarnish, rust or change color.

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Mail locks
Mail locks
Mail locks
Mail locks